Who has carole radziwill dating

The 53-year-old journalist and author dated the actor around the late ’90s or early 2000s — or as Radziwill put it on Wednesday’s episode, “Post-Dr.

Doug Ross, pre-Danny Ocean” (referring to Clooney’s roles in cast members during a game of truth or dare on Wednesday, Radziwill got real.

“I don’t think I wouldn’t date someone because they’re 60 or 30. For me, it’s good values, integrity and character.” “And looks and personality,” she added.

Carole Radziwill and boyfriend Adam Kenworthy are experiencing New York real estate at its worst.

They are still together all the time.'The website also notes Adam made an appearance on Carole's Instagram Story as recently as Thursday.

It was Carole to whom Adam turned when he faced death in the face during a terrifying plane crash one year ago.

“He’s definitely a nine,” she said, rating him on a scale of one to 10. ” RELATED VIDEO: Andy Cohen’s Pick For The Most Absurd Previously, Radziwill gushed to PEOPLE about Clooney, saying “he’s a really great guy – really amazing guy.” She also had nothing but nice things to say about Clooney’s then new-bride Amal.

“[She] seems like an amazing woman,” Radziwill said.

After getting wet together Adam turned paparazzi as he got behind the camera to shoot pictures of his reality star lover.

The two have been dating for three years, which Carole admits has been good for her figure.'I am a carb junkie,' the 'naturally thin' socialite admitted to People magazine recently.'Which is strange because they claim carbs put on pounds - in which case my metabolic rate is extraordinary, and should be studied by a team of Swiss doctors.'Radziwill's diet got a bit leaner after she began romancing Adam, she says.'Adam has introduced me to vegan pizza and zucchini pasta and every sort of salad combination one can imagine,' the former ABC News producer explained.'All of which he makes taste almost as good as Nutella.

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